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 Post subject: Ticktock Thekillerclock
PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 1:40 pm 
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Main: Ticktock Thekillerclock
Level: 43? (don't quite remember)
Race: Clockwork (The Master [created] race)
Class: Rogue
Clan: Rusted Legion


Part 1 - Origins

After the Mystarch Heractlitus left the clockworks in the care of Archimedes. He returned to the island of Meli one last time. Worried by the thought of the Clockworks being destroyed or corrupted he decided to break one of his most sacred vows. He built a single Clockwork for war. Using all of the techniques he had found he spent his few remaining years making this Clockwork a testament to his craftsmanship. During his visit to Archimedes he learned one key element that he had not realized during the creation of the original Clockworks. Rather than trying to infuse this Clockwork with the individuality of a beast he decided to try a different path, to give the Clockwork human qualities. Knowing that a single Clockwork could not be an entire army he trained the Clockwork in the way of the Rogue. However, as Heraclitus watched the Clockwork progress through his training he saw the ruthlessness of the humanity he had instilled in him. For fear that Ticktock may be unsatisfied with life on Meli and would expose his existence, Heraclitus locked Ticktock within the island of Meli, bound with chains that would remain unbroken until the day that the Clockworks would be used for evil. Before leaving Meli for the final time, Heraclitus gave one last gift to his masterpiece. He bestowed the Clockwork with a name, Ticktock.

Part 2 - Solitude

Forced to wait within the island for centuries Ticktock's abilities began to fade. Unlike the other Clockworks, Ticktock was unable to shut down. He grew more anxious with each passing year for the day he would be released. He than grew angry about being forgotten for so many years and left to decay within the island. Than, the day came when the goddess Gaia granted the Clockworks with the gift of life. However, like the other Clockworks, Ticktock was hidden from the gods and therefore was never instilled with this gift of mortality. It was only then that a terrible mistake Heraclitus had made became apparent. Through his fear of the corruption of the Clockworks and his old age, Heraclitus had forgotten key details in allowing Ticktock to determine the context of "corruption". This gift to the Clockworks confused Ticktock upon his release driving him mad. After years of solitude, Ticktock now thirsted for battle. Because Gaia had indeed gifted the Clockworks, Ticktock owed his loyalty to her and he would therefore have to filter his bloodlust to those he deemed evil or wicked. Ticktock grew disgusted by the way the Clockworks had been used during his confinement. He hated the beasts but admired them for the ruthlessness and persistence towards prolonging their imminent deaths. He viewed mortality as a weakness and vowed to find the answer to granting the Clockworks their everlasting life once more. He would crush all enemies in his path and use their knowledge to fuel the advancement of the Clockworks.

Part 3 - Betrayal

Over the years Ticktock trained with the Grumkin, Daemons, and Cyclops seeing them as racial outcasts like himself. He soon found himself joining the collective army of the Beasts and growing a new found respect for them as he found friendship among many. Confused with the choice between his origins and his new found "life" Ticktock slipped further in to madness. This did not go unnoticed by those close to him. In an act that Ticktock deemed an ultimate betrayal, his friends had him committed to the Bremin Asylum. Days past to weeks, than months, than years, than decades. Locked away yet again Ticktock's insanity festered and grew. He saw the abuse and neglect other patients faced and deemed the staff to be evil and wicked.

Part 4 - Avenger

Ticktock knew he would not be released and had no means of escaping since his immortality meant he could be more easily cut off from the outside than other patients. He began to learn to mask his insanity and through generations of new caretakers it was soon forgotten why he had been admitted in the first place. One day the staff deemed him sane and ordered his release. Ticktock slaughtered them all for their cruelty towards his fellow patients. Finally free Ticktock vowed he would never allow himself to be captured again. Still, bound by a sense of honor and duty Ticktock continued his previous mission of searching for advancement of the Clockwork and thwarting evil. Ticktock formed the Rusted Legion, a solely Clockwork army because of his previous betrayal by the beasts. He now ruthlessly hunts down evil and waits for the day that the Clockwork can reap vengeance on the beasts and form a Clockwork utopia on earth.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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