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 Post subject: Mindshift Alteration and Feral Wanderer
PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:57 am 
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Main: Chienes Ovhrod (Old EE) (male Bandicoon knight)
Alt: Feral Wanderer (main, male druid)
Alt: Feral Vagabond (male Bounder knight)
Alt: Mindshift Alteration (male Broccan rogue)
Well this is a bit late, but whatever. :T For those who are interested, character profiles:

Mindshift Alteration

Gender: Male
Race: Broccan (technically Alphan)
Appearance (will replace these with pictures at some point): Has a completely white face with black bands stretching from just before his nose to the back of his head. His ears are in the middle of these bands and have white fur at their tips. He has long grey fur on his body which transitions to short, black fur just before his elbows and just after his knees. He has a light grey/white medium-length tail. Has dark claws which shine slightly more than most claws in the sunlight. His bright red eyes appear to glow slightly in low light. Also has long grey fur on the back of his hair which tends to look sort of like a spiky, short hairstyle.
Profession: Rogue
Preferred weapon: His own claws, metallic claws if he can't use his own.
Personality: Blithe, generally calm and collected. Considers himself a neutral observer, but tends to gravitate towards chaos.
General Information: Mindshift generally will not reveal much in-depth details about the world he comes from (which is from a project I am working on for a graphic novel series, so I can't go into too much detail anyway), but he may reveal general information if it is absolutely necessary. He is what is known as a "Spiritwalker," which basically means he can travel to any world or dimension he pleases. He enjoys travelling and will often talk about the many planes he has visited if given the opportunity. He does not tend to stay in any particular area for extended periods of time, but is fond of New Badari and Earthrise. He will often visit the Carrionites in Cracked Rock, and will protect them at all costs. Mindshift tends to come off as a malicious individual, but he really just enjoys messing with people. When confronted with the opportunity to kill, he will usually claim he "doesn't really feel like it," unless the creature in question has provoked him in some way. He will, however, cause nonfatal injuries as cheerfully as he pleases and does not seem to think much of it. He is not very good at translating time as he knows it to time as it is on Earth, and will generally refuse to answer time-related questions and may respond with rude, sarcastic answers. He is an extremely calm individual and is extremely difficult to annoy. When he is angry, he will come off as mildly annoyed at most and will most likely choose to ignore who/whatever is bothering him. If he is physically attacked, however, he will not hesitate to kill his attacker. Having originated from a world far different from what Beasts know, Mindshift seems to have a strange issue with seeing the world as a finite form. He will often become confused if one talks about travelling around the world, or the "other side of the world."

Feral Wanderer

Gender: Male
Race: Tusken (formerly, is a shapeshifter)
Appearance (Arcadian): Feral's base form is a boar with light brown long fur over most of his body. He has chartreuse eyes, a maroon bandanna, a white mohawk-esque fur sail extending from his forehead to the base of his tail, and dark brown short fur on his tail, arms, and legs. He has dark hooves and nails which have a ruff of slightly longer fur around them. He has long, fluffy ears. Right ear is pierced with a silver-coloured ring. Has longer light brown fur around his eyebrows and around where his sideburns should be.
Appearance (In-Game): Honey badger with a backpack.
Profession: Druid
Preferred weapon: Spears/staves
Personality: Very similar to Mindshift, except he tends to act basically like me and will gravitate more towards good. Still considers himself a neutral observer. Generally a rather silly person around those he knows, quiet and skittish around strangers. Not necessarily "blithe" in that he tends to be more polite than the term indicates.
General Information: Feral is essentially my fursona. He is generally calm and loyal to those he calls his friends, but will become easily annoyed if he is sick or excessively tired. One can generally tell if he is annoyed by a substantial increase in vocabulary and a lack of emotes used in text, but this is not always the case. Feral comes from a world linked to Mindshift's and will also refuse to divulge much information about his world (for the same reasons). He has an easier time relating to the concept of time as it passes on Earth and will not refuse to answer most time-related questions. Feral considers himself an artist and dabbles a bit in environmental studies and astronomy and will generally rant about such topics if given a chance to. Feral is also a "Spiritwalker," though generally tends to stay in a given place longer than Mindshift will. Feral tends to be overconfident at times and will make occasional bold claims, though he will eventually figure out when he is overpowered and run away. He tends to associate everything with colours/colour schemes, which leads to associating passwords and important things with colours or tastes. Feral has a strange habit of randomly jumping off of high places because he can and will often do so if he thinks he won't die from the fall. He enjoys stargazing and will often stop whatever he is doing to watch the moon rise.
Other things: Feral's internal structure is vastly different from that of Beasts. Though he is technically not entirely present (physically), he manifests something similar to his Arcadian form on other worlds. He refuses to divulge much information about it, but he will say that he is composed of mostly sulfur (coming from an anaerobic world) and his core skeleton is composed of a mixture of steel, cobalt, and carbon-fiber that meshes together as a single structure rather than as individual bones. If a flame touches him, he will violently combust due to being composed of largely volatile and sometimes radioactive substances. He can hold himself together well other than this flaw, having learned that the laws of physics on his world seem to be far different than those of Earth. He can regenerate rather quickly even after being incinerated, though he must recompile himself from new materials rather than gathering himself together, aside from his core-skeleton (which is always reused). As a result, he will often warn those around him of the fact that any debris and/or shrapnel he leaves behind is likely toxic and should be avoided.

Welp, those would be my characters. :T They were originally meant to be personifications of myself in the worlds I'm creating, which is why their descriptions (and eventually pictures) do not look like they do in EE. This is also why their personalities are so similar, but I can tell you that both of them (especially Mindshift) would act very different on their homeworlds than they do within the world of EE. Anyways, enjoy. And happy questing~




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