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We are approaching 6 years
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Author:  Jackuul [ Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:55 am ]
Post subject:  We are approaching 6 years

This august will be the 6th anniversary of the creation of the site, and unfortunately the 6th anniversary of the game's decline.

Things are quiet now. The site served its purpose well for when it was active and when it was acting as an ark.

Now it is like visiting a house that once belonged to a relative that has passed on. It is dusty here and there, but you keep it up out of respect.

Apologies for not being the most active administrator or site owner ever, and for fading away like I have. I doubt that will change to be honest.

The future is up to you though. Should we rest in peace at the end of the 6th year? Should we keep going into the ether until forgotten?

Should things change? Should it stay the same because it is comfortable?

Author:  Heroic [ Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We are approaching 6 years

Feels odd commenting here, since I mostly just lurk around, but even so, something should be said.

Although I don't feel strongly one way or the other, I wouldn't object to this site getting a quiet goodbye. I don't mean that maliciously - this place was a remarkable lifesaver - but most of the crew have long since disembarked on passing shores. Only a handful of remnants remain, wandering through the archives of bygone times and brighter days.

Then again, if it's no inconvenience to you, perhaps there's no harm in leaving a candle lit in these dusty halls. In keeping the old times enshrined, at least for the scattered few. Maybe one of the other wandering ghosts can provide some additional perspective on that. Ultimately, though, it's your call.

Regardless of what happens - I applaud you for seizing the initiative and creating this haven, all those years ago, and I thank you for letting it persist as long as you have.

Author:  TheSpectralWolf [ Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We are approaching 6 years

If you're willing to put the time into it this forum really should be condensed a bit since there are so many unused parts that haven't seen a new post in years. Whether or not it's worth the effort based on the general activity around here is up to you.

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