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 Post subject: Anyone have the files?
PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:26 am 
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Just thinking if anyone had the files for the Japan version? With things happening with keeping the Main Game on private servers, was thing a few ideas could be tried out on the forms in the Other game. (A hybrid of sorts...)

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 Post subject: Re: Anyone have the files?
PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:53 am 
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Yeeeessss.... I have ...kind of... it's a bit of a long story, but it's worth understanding. Or you could just skip to TLDR at the end..

Any/all versions of the game consisted of different parts working together. When Greth, "salvaged" what he could, he got parts from 0.8.6 (Sparkplay EE), some parts from 0.8.8 (Re-Born EE?) and only a few parts from 0.8.9. ("Iki" EE?).

The "files" for each game can be broken down into four or more catogories.

The Looks - The terrain, the body styles, weapon styles and basicly everything else which gives the looks. - if you have set up a server it's what you put in the assets folder.
The "place-ables" - buildings, NPCs, mobs. - if you have set up a server it's what is in the scenery folder.
The quests - what to do/kill etc.
Player data and other "made up on the spot" data - Your characters and the combination of what ever they were carrying or wearing. (also Greth was working on a "on the fly" weapon inventor to create weapon drops)


0.8.6 is the most complete setup... it's what is being played now. Basicly everything was either found or rebuilt by Greth to Sparkplay specs.

0.8.8 We have the terrain files and the player bodies. (Bastion and the first two islands in the Corsica set are in this) but not placeables or quests. You will have to "borrow" stuff from 0.8.6. to get anything playable. Due to building placement differences between versions, only islands from Earthrise onwards will be playable

0.8.9 If I remember correctly, we only had some of the terrain files and the player bodies. (Bastion and all of the Corsica set are in this) but not placeables or quests. A lot more work was needed to fix this, Greth recommended starting with a copy of the 0.8.8 files and dropping in the 0.8.9 files to replace their 0.8.8 counterparts.

We only have usable quests from 0.8.6
We have useable NPCs from 0.8.6, we have NPCs from 0.8.8 "hidden" in the files. (I don't know if there are any from 0.8.9, I never played that)
We have player data from Greths server - compatable with all three versions
We have terrain from 0.8.6 and 0.8.8 and 0.8.9.
If you want a playable version of 0.8.9 you will have to mix it together yourself from 0.8.6 and 0.8.8. It will look odd and be unplayable (unreachable lighthouse in Corsica) until Anglorum.

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 Post subject: Re: Anyone have the files?
PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:49 am 
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Okay, I know this reply is a bit over a month late; however, after reading the posts on this thread I felt it best to correct some misunderstandings and unintended misinformation.

First: Both Patch 0.8.6 and Patch 0.8.8 were from the Sparkplay Media era. Patch 0.8.9 was, in fact, used for BOTH Ikimonogatari AND Earth Eternal Reborn as both were released under the new owner, TurnOut Ventures. Iki used the assets first; but, everything was translated into Japanese in accordance with SPM's original contract with Sankando prior to SPM's demise. These same assets had their English text restored when TurnOut opened up EE Reborn a month after Iki's "release".

Second: Patch 0.8.6 only had the assets for Bastion Island as New Corsica and New Earthrise had not yet been finished. Patch 0.8.8 had both Bastion and New Corsica which was released in that patch. Patch 0.8.9 (the Iki/EER patch) was the one where New Earthrise was finally opened up.

Third: When Greth grabbed the assets, he did manage to get the vast majority of these from all versions including some from prior to 0.8.6; however, those are not many and apparently could not be used for whatever reasons. (possibly due to the client updates from 0.8.6 on along with code changes to the .car files in the later patches) Everything from Anglorum was ripped directly from EER whereas Europe's assets were a mix of the older assets and the newer ones. The original Mushroom Isle, Old Corsica and Old Earthrise assets among other bits of data were taken from the SPM Audit Log. Also, both the entire Item database and the Spawn package database were ripped from EER as well.

Regarding the quest data from the new starter zones: Because all three versions of 0.8.6, 0.8.8 and 0.8.9 carry the assets for Bastion Island, 0.8.8 and 0.8.9 carry the assets for New Corsica and 0.8.9 carries the assets for New Earthrise, the data for all three, quests included, are there. What Greth did not do was restore these because the Planet Forever server utilized the original starter zones mentioned above. All three zones do have their props and spawn packages intact, but the quest data was not restored to their NPCs (that is, you'll have to manually add these). When Greth released the files for everyone to download just before closing the PF server, he included all the files needed to make a personal server (or new public one) of ANY of the versions, Iki and/or EER included. Among the website files Greth included in the downloads was the Quest Rip page which includes all the quest data in the game, as well as unreleased quests, alpha quests and the ones used for Bastion, New Corsica and New Earthrise.

Lastly, in regards to actually making an Ikimonogatari server, I should probably mention that if you have the assets for Iki and/or EER, since the files for both are practically identical save for the language localizations of Japanese (Iki) vs English (EER), it should not be too difficult to build such a server. All the better if one or both of those were nearly complete. Be aware that if you DO want to make an Iki server (and not an EER one), it'd likely have to use the Japanese localization seen in Ikimonogatari's own set of assets. Just remember that ANY Patch 0.8.9 asset set should work for BOTH an Iki server and an EER server as the same patch was used in both. So, if you have managed to set up a 0.8.9 server at all (requires the most work and tweaking to get running) then it should not be too difficult to set up an Iki server.

Hope this clears up at least some of the confusion and also helps with the OP's question as well. Again, I apologize for the late reply.

Edit: Also, I too, have some of the original Iki assets as well. Though I forgot to mention above that the 'original' files for any version may or may not work on the 'server emulator' as the files that do work on it were modified by Greth. This means you might have to tweak a few .car files to get them to work on your own server if the originals fail to run. Thankfully terrain files and prop files among others could just as easily be procured from the other 'versions' to fill any gaps. Just don't confuse Corsica/Corsica 2 and Earthrise/Earthrise 2 .car files along with other prop data if you do borrow from the others, else you are likely to wind up with a New Corsica/New Earthrise terrain using the Old Corsica/Old Earthrise props or vise versa.

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